UX/UI + Visual Designer

Xceleration Volleybal Club Website

 Xceleration Volleyball Club Website (2013)

Skills: collaboration, CMS, wireframe sketching, UI layout design

People Challenges (in order of client's preference):

1) (For the admin) "I want to easily update this site's content independently--without contacting the designer."

2) "I am an alumni of this sports club and would like to keep up with the upcoming events and new players."

3) "I want to enroll my child in a local youth sports program.”

Before, prior to August 2013


Addressing the first challenge was simple: we subscribed the organization to a Weebly account. That way, I could get the redesign shipped ASAP and the admins can add their own content easily right away. At the time, I have personally found Weebly easy-to-use and customize, and was able to manipulate the assets with a few HTML and CSS adjustments.

I adjusted padding/spacing enough so that all the content is evenly spaced and legible, no matter what the admins added.

Additionally, I updated their logo to a more modern design.

Some brainstormed notes and lo-fi wireframe thumbnails


Final Design:

Final design, from 2013 to 2015