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Wearable Tech Research

Wearable Tech Research

The Challenge:
Find out what drives or deters the purchase of wearable technology (i.e. Fitbit, Apple Watch, Samsung Pebble, etc.)

Tools: Google Forms, Figma

Role: UX Reasearcher 

Survey Forms

I created a survey with Google Forms asking users about their history with accessories, with tech, why or why not they would purchase a smart wearable, what device they would like or already have had, and how often is it used.

I also asked questions involving demographics, mainly age and occupation, so we could narrow down our marketing targets.

A few survey-takers gave me permission to contact them for follow up interviews. They provided even more detail about their typical day, hobbies, go-to accessories, and where they would prefer to shop (online or in-person).


From these additional findings, I was able to craft three distinct personas:

This research will be used to aid in product designing, marketing, as well as developing a better experience when shopping for a high-tech accessory.

What I learned:

There needed to be a balance between getting as much information as possible without inundating the user with many questions. I also had a question limit of 20, which included the demographics.

Writing the personas was challenging as we needed a realistic and diverse set of people. I also noticed that a vast majority of example personas did not include people who are Genderqueer.

I found that if there was a write-in prompt, some people would give as much detail as possible, and some would give only, at the most, seven words.

This research was an exercise in insight, but I also realize that this research is absolutely essential to building the foundation of a great product or paving the road to a solution of a puzzle/problem.